14 Free 100 Day of School Printables + Tons of Activities and Ideas (2024)

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Looking for ways to make the 100 Day of School special? We’re sharing loads of ideas that elementary school teachers will love including a 100 Days Activities Challenge that mixes math, writing and physical literacy along with 14 free 100 Day of School printables!

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This month our theme is 100 Days of School! Does your children’s school celebrate the 100th Day of School? The school’s that my son and daughter go to don’t celebrate the 100th day of school, but I think it’s so fun for a spirit day! How about you?

Today I’m sharing with you a ton of 100 Days of School activities that are great for elementary school aged kids. These ideas are so much fun that everyone will love them all the way from kindergarten students to teachers! Make sure you read all the way to the end of this post because you’ll want to see all the 100 days printables that my crafty friends created!

What Is The 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is a celebration to celebrate the 100th day of class in a school year. Some schools use it as a chance to celebrate and reflect on all of the work done, the milestones reached and the information learned in the first 100 days of the school year.

Other schools take the opportunity to have a spirit day with all kinds of fun hundredth day of school activities! There are so many fun 100 days of school ideas!

Most schools in the US and Canada have anywhere from 160 to 190 days of school instruction each year, so 100 days is also a nice way to mark that students (and teachers) have made it just over halfway through the school year! Each child in the class is 100 days smarter! Hooray!

Ideas For Celebrating 100 Days Of School

14 Free 100 Day of School Printables + Tons of Activities and Ideas (3)

There are so many fun ways to celebrate 100 days of school! Today we are sharing a bunch of printables and resources that you can use for your 100th Day of School celebration but here are some additional ideas that the whole class will love! I hope it provides you with a ton of inspiration!

Ways to celebrate 100 Days of School:

  • Have a dress up party where students dress up as a centenarian.
  • Encourage students to bring 100 of something to class. Suggest small items like pennies, bobby pins, beans, dried pasta, rubber bands, stickers, buttons, crayons, pencils and paper clips. You can award certificates for each idea “Lightest 100 things” for a pack of feathers. “Yummiest 100 things” for a bag of marshmallows, “Pokiest 100 things” for a container of toothpicks, “Funniest 100 things” a bag of googly eyes, etc.
  • Brainstorm with your students to come up with a list of 100 things (100 things they like about school, 100 places they’d like to travel, 100 people they admire, etc.)
  • Create a 100 acts of kindness art piece for the classroom where students think up random acts of kindness and execute the ideas.
  • Build a 100 things structure in class. You could use 100 paper or plastic cups, 100 jenga blocks, 100 straws, 100 dice, etc
  • Fold 100 origami shapes as a class and hang them from the ceiling
  • Wear 100 Days of School clothing to school. You can see our 100 Days Of School SVG collection here perfect for making a 100 days t-shirt!
  • Take a 100 Day of School class photo where students are in a 100 formation.
  • Hide 100 of something in the classroom (for example 100 paper circles) and have a 100 Days of School scavenger hunt.
  • Do 100th day celebration crafts. One idea is to cut out a 1 and two 0’s from paper and have students glue it to a piece of blank paper paper. Spin the paper and use your creativity to turn that 100 into a drawing of something else.
  • Create a 100th-day snack buffet where students are invited to bring 100 of something (some ideas for snacks could include pretzels, goldfish crackers, blueberries, baby carrots, jelly beans, M&M etc.)
  • Make 100 day necklaces. Cut a piece of yarn to necklace length and have students count out 100 pieces of tube pasta, fruit loops or cheerios. Have students count out their material putting them in small groups of 10’s to make sure they get to 100. Then have them string each one on the yarn to make a necklace.
  • Create a classroom art project where each student brings one image that they feel represents their year so far and create a collage on a piece of poster board.

100th Day Activities Challenge Printable

14 Free 100 Day of School Printables + Tons of Activities and Ideas (4)

Today I’m sharing with you a 100 Days Of School Activities Challenge Printable. This worksheet combines reading, writing, math skills and physical literacy all into one!

It has 15 challenges that go back and forth between physical movement, math activities and mental challenges.

Teachers can start this lesson by reading through the worksheet and having their students estimate how many they can do for each challenge and write that number down.

Next the teacher can put 100 seconds on a timer and as a class they can go through each activity.

It’s a super fun worksheet and definitely gets both the mind and body working!

I’ve had a number of my readers give me the hot tip that they laminate my printables and have their kids use them with dry erase markers. They wipe them down when they are done, stick them away in their collection and then pull all the laminated printables out whenever their kids need a fun activity to do!

That might be a fun option for this printable as well so that teachers can use them from year to year with their classes.

Here are the supplies you need. Purchasing through our links, earns us a small commission to help support the site at no extra cost to you!

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14 Free 100 Day Printables

Ready to see all the awesome printables my crafty friends made?

14 Free 100 Day of School Printables + Tons of Activities and Ideas (5)

We have:

Aren’t they all so cute? Which will you download first?

If you like these printables then make sure you check out our Free Printables Category. Here are a few other printables and cut files you might like!

Happy 100th Day! Tell me… Does your school celebrate 100 Days Of School? Which of these cut files will you download first?

If you like these 100th Day Of School Activities I would love for you to pin it! It helps others discover our content which helps us bring you more awesome content like this!

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  • 14 Free 100 Day of School Printables + Tons of Activities and Ideas (14)

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