7M Members Include A TikTok Star Who Created An Iconic Y2K Dance Style (2024)


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It’s one of Netflix’s newest and hottest true crime documentaries. With bombshell revelations about the company and the church, there has been a renewed interest in the 7M members and their ties to the company and Shekinah Church after the release of Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.

Robert Shinn founded 7M Films in 2021. The company signs TikTok dancers and talent and has claimed that their talent’s following has grown from1.78million to10.42million followers. He is also a pastor at Shekinah Church which former members claimed to be like. a “cult.” Shinn and 7M Films claim that both operations function independently and have no connections. However, both former 7M employees and church members have accused Shinn of controlling behavior.

7M Members Include A TikTok Star Who Created An Iconic Y2K Dance Style (1)

In 2022, several former members of 7M Films Management and the Wilkings family came forward alleging that Shinn forces members to cut out friends and family members and is overall abusive. The Wilkings family including TikToker Melanie alleged that her sister Miranda Wilkings (now Derrick) forcibly blocked all communication from them. Seven former members have sued Shinn and accused himof running a “cult” and taking advantage of his followers.

Days after the documentary was released, TMZ reported that the two criminal investigations against Robert Shinn did not result in any charges. The gossip site reported that law enforcement ultimately rejected the 2 sexual battery cases in April this year— citing insufficient evidence and a significant delay in reporting as the reasons for not bringing any charges.

Who are the 7M Members?

Here are all the known 7M members—both former and current.

7M Members Include A TikTok Star Who Created An Iconic Y2K Dance Style (2024)
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