Black History Month Craft For Kindergarten - (2024)

February is an important month to recognize and celebrate African American history, which is why it’s so important to provide children in kindergarten with creative craft ideas that highlight the accomplishments of remarkable African Americans. If you’re looking for something different than the same traditional craft projects year after year, this article will provide you with several unique ways to bring Black History Month alive for your young children.

There are so many significant contributions of Black Americans throughout history. We are all familiar with traffic light activity ideas celebrating African American inventors. The entire month of February is a great opportunity to teach about some of the lesser known achievements of Black Americans.

Did you know 1/3 of all cowboys were Black people? Why not include in your kindergarten or preschool lesson plans a craft featuring the greatest mustanger that ever lived?

Who Is Robert Lemmons?

Cowboy Robert Lemmons was a renowned mustanger, or one who captures wild horses, who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is widely considered to be one of the best mustangers that ever lived due not only to his expertise and proficiency in this field, but also to his ability to train and break the captured horses.

Robert Lemmons’ transformation from a cowboy to a gentleman rancher is an example of the extensive possibilities that come with hard work and dedication. Mr. Lemmons’ financial success as a mustanger enabled him to acquire his own land, a move which typifies the traditional ideals of self-reliance and determination often associated with the American West.

Black History Month Crafts FREE DOWNLOAD

Teach young children about historical figures like Robert Lemmons in a fun way with our Robert Lemmons craft. No need for construction paper. Simply click and download our printable for a ready to go craft with bright colors. The craft helps with fine motor skills and includes parent instructions to make the craft a great activity to review shapes.

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Supplement The Black History Month Craft

Looking for more information to teach your preschool or kindergartener about famous cowboy Robert Lemmons? This craft is just one of the many lessons included in our Robert Lemmons activity pack. The educational Black History Month activities include literacy games, math and STEM activities perfect for a creative child.

Round up your children for outside the box thinking as they learn about Robert Lemmons, the man dubbed the Greatest Mustanger who ever lived! Mr. Lemmons’ unique style of wrangling made him the most sought after cowboy in the West who became a wealthy gentleman rancher and a pillar in the Texas community he helped found. Lessons in this pack celebrate Mr. Lemmons’ legacy of excellence through activities developing the independent thinking skills that make Mr. Lemmons the stuff of legends.

Click for the instant download or grab your physical copy from

Are you looking for a meaningful and educational children’s book to read to your kids? Consider “Black Cowboy Wild Horses: A True Story” by Julius Lester. This picture book is sure to inspire and delight young readers, as it tells the true story of Robert Lemmons. It’s filled with vibrant illustrations that bring the story to life in a unique way. Many parents have praised this book for its ability to interact with their children in a fun and educational manner.

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If you’re interested in getting “Black Cowboy Wild Horses: A True Story” for your kids, be sure to click on our amazon associate affiliate links!

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More Craft Ideas Featuring the Achievements of Black Americans

The United States has given birth to many Black people who are important figures in history. Goose Goose Duck has activity packs with arts & crafts, STEM activities, literacy games and more. Take a look at our activity packs to teach your children about the contributions of African Americans and Black History Month ideas in a fun way.

Have a great time in celebration of African American history with some of our favorite Black History Month activities introducing Black leaders to pre-k and early elementary grade level children.

African-American Inventor Garrett Morgan

Meet Inventor Garrett Morgan! Best known for his traffic light patent, Mr. Morgan was also a Business Titan, Marketer extraordinaire, and Hero. This hands-on activity pack puts yourchild in the center of the action as they learn about Mr. Morgan’s many achievements and the skills that made them possible.

Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Teach your child Dr. Martin Luther King was a man of action with more than a dream. Dr. King had a plan to make his dream a reality. This activity pack highlights Dr. King’s extraordinary leadership and relates it back to children in a way that is memorable, interactive and fun. Your child will learn about peaceful protest, the power of unity, economic empowerment and fair and equal treatment based on his powerful last speech “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.”

The Great Frederick Douglass

There is no better way to ignite your child’s passion for learning than this activity pack introducing Frederick Douglass! A respected writer and orator, his unrelenting thirst for knowledge as a child led him to become one of the most influential men of the 19th century. Go beyond dates and events as you guide your child in activities reinforcing the characteristics that made Mr. Douglass great, and discover the greatness in themselves.

Black History Month Videos For Kindergarten

The animated music videos feature various songs that honor the accomplishments of African Americans throughout history. Kids will love the upbeat tunes and colorful animations that bring these stories to life. They are perfect to play in the background while crafting.

Of course – start with our Robert Lemmons music video showing a Black rancher set to the classic MacDonald tune.

George Washington Carver was an American agricultural scientist and inventor who made significant contributions to the agricultural industry. He is widely credited with inventing over 300 uses for peanuts, including peanut butter and the use of peanuts as a crop rotation crop. Carver’s work paved the way for modern agricultural science and was instrumental in helping small sharecroppers to become economically independent by providing them with alternative crops to grow. Our video features Dr. Carver in a “Do you know the Muffin Man” remix.

Mae Jemison is an iconic figure in the field of science and space exploration. She is a trailblazer in many respects, having become the first African American woman in 1992 to travel into space as a NASA astronaut aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. A medical doctor by training, Jemison has dedicated her life to expanding knowledge and understanding of space exploration and has served as an advocate for increased diversity and representation within STEM fields. Enjoy a rap song tribute to Dr. Jemison.

Black History Month is a wonderful opportunity for kindergarteners to learn about history and culture in an engaging way. Through making crafts, children can gain a larger understanding of the world and its significance to their own lives. It also helps to foster creativity within young children, teaching them valuable skills which will remain with them throughout their lifetime.

Black History Month Craft For Kindergarten - (2024)
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