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Are you struggling to unlock the hidden secrets of your Belkin AirTag holder? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the mysteries and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to open Belkin AirTag holder with ease.

Whether you’re a new owner or someone who’s been puzzled by this sleek accessory, we’ve got you covered. By following our instructions, you’ll have your Belkin AirTag holder open in no time, ready to be used to its full potential. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to convenience as we delve into the world of unlocking your Belkin AirTag holder.

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  • 1 What Does a Belkin AirTag Do?
  • 2 How Do I Use Belkin Apple AirTag? 8 Simple Steps
  • 3 How to Open Belkin AirTag Holder? 6 Effortless Steps
    • 4.1 1. Tight Locking Mechanism:
    • 4.2 2. Misalignment or Obstruction:
    • 4.3 3. Incorrect Twist Direction:
    • 4.4 4. Physical Damage or Deformation of the Holder:
  • 5 How Do I Change the Battery in My Belkin AirTag Holder?
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What Does a Belkin AirTag Do?

The Belkin AirTag is a handy accessory designed to work in conjunction with Apple’s AirTag tracking system. It serves as a protective case or holder specifically crafted to securely hold and attach an AirTag to various personal items such as keys, bags, wallets, or even pet collars. The primary function of the Belkin AirTag holder is to keep the AirTag safely enclosed while offering a convenient way to attach it to different objects you want to keep track of.

The Belkin AirTag holder serves multiple purposes.

Firstly, it provides a physical barrier that shields the AirTag from scratches, scuffs, and other potential damage that may occur during daily use. The holder is typically made from durable materials such as silicone, fabric, or leather, which not only offer protection but also ensure a comfortable grip and a stylish appearance.

Additionally, the Belkin AirTag holder offers a secure attachment mechanism that allows you to easily affix the AirTag to your belongings. It usually features a sturdy loop, clip, or strap that can be fastened to keyrings, zippers, bag handles, or any other suitable attachment points. This way, the AirTag remains securely in place and won’t easily detach or get lost, ensuring reliable tracking of your valuable items.

With the Belkin AirTag holder in place, you can take advantage of the advanced tracking capabilities provided by Apple’s AirTag system. The AirTag itself contains a built-in speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth technology, and a user-replaceable battery.

When the AirTag is securely housed within the Belkin holder, you can leverage its tracking features to locate your belongings through the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your items, view them on a map, and even play a sound to help you locate them.

Beyond its practical functions, a Belkin AirTag holder can also add a touch of personal style and customization. Many manufacturers offer a variety of colors, designs, and finishes for their AirTag holders, allowing you to choose an option that suits your preferences or matches your personal style.

How Do I Use Belkin Apple AirTag? 8 Simple Steps

Using a Belkin Apple AirTag is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to use a Belkin Apple AirTag:

  1. Get an Apple AirTag: Before using a Belkin AirTag holder, you need to have an Apple AirTag device. AirTags are small, coin-shaped devices sold separately by Apple. Ensure you have at least one AirTag available.
  2. Acquire a Belkin AirTag Holder: Purchase a Belkin AirTag holder specifically designed to fit and protect your AirTag. Belkin offers a range of options, including different materials, colors, and attachment methods. Choose the one that suits your preferences and needs.
  3. Insert the AirTag: Open the Belkin AirTag holder by following the manufacturer’s instructions or design features. Typically, holders have an opening mechanism that allows you to access the compartment where the AirTag will be placed. Insert the AirTag into the designated space or slot provided in the holder, ensuring it fits snugly and securely.
  4. Close and Secure the Holder: Once the AirTag is placed inside the holder, close the holder securely. Some Belkin AirTag holders have snap-on closures, while others may use zippers, buttons, or other fastening mechanisms. Follow the specific instructions provided with your Belkin AirTag holder to properly seal and secure it.
  5. Attach to Your Belongings: With the AirTag securely placed inside the Belkin holder, you can now attach it to your desired item. Depending on the design of the holder, you might find key rings, adhesive backings, straps, or other attachment options. Choose the method that best suits your needs and affix the Belkin AirTag holder to your item.
  6. Pair with your iOS Device: To make use of the tracking capabilities of the Belkin AirTag holder and AirTag, you need to pair it with your iOS device. Ensure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is running on the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. Bring your iOS device close to the AirTag holder, and a pairing prompt will appear on your screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.
  7. Use the Find My App: Once your Belkin AirTag holder is paired with your iOS device, you can use the Find My app to locate your belongings. Open the Find My app on your device, and you should see the AirTag holder listed under the Items tab. Tap on the AirTag holder’s name, and you’ll be presented with options like playing a sound to locate it or viewing its location on a map.
  8. Customize Settings: Within the Find My app, you can customize various settings related to your Belkin AirTag and holder. This includes setting a name for the item, enabling notifications for when you’re separated from it, and even sharing the item’s location with trusted friends or family members.

Belkin AirTag holder with Apple AirTag not only provides physical protection for the AirTag but also enhances its tracking capabilities through Apple’s Find My app, enabling you to keep track of your belongings with ease.

How to Open Belkin AirTag Holder? 6 Effortless Steps

To open a Belkin AirTag holder, such as the Belkin F8W973 (with a metal key ring) or the Belkin F8W974 (with a strap), follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Metal Key Ring or Strap: Begin by detaching the metal key ring or strap from the holder. This step ensures that the holder is free from any attachments that may obstruct the opening process.
  2. Twist the Holder Counterclockwise: Firmly grip the Belkin AirTag holder with one hand. Using your other hand, apply pressure and twist the holder counterclockwise. This twisting motion is crucial as it unlocks the holder and prepares it for separation.
  3. Separate the Holder: While maintaining the counterclockwise twist, gently pull apart the two sections of the holder. The holder should easily separate into two pieces, revealing the compartment where the AirTag is housed.
  4. Insert or Remove the AirTag: With the holder open, you can now insert or remove the AirTag as needed. If you’re inserting an AirTag, ensure it is properly positioned within the compartment, fitting securely in place. If you’re removing an AirTag, gently lift it out of the holder.
  5. Twist the Holder Clockwise: Once the AirTag is in place or removed, align the two sections of the holder and carefully push them together. While doing so, simultaneously twist the holder clockwise. This twisting motion is essential for securely locking the AirTag in the holder, preventing it from accidentally falling out.
  6. Confirm the Lock: After twisting the holder clockwise, make sure it is securely locked by giving it a gentle tug. If the holder remains intact and the AirTag stays in place, it indicates a successful lock.

By following these steps, you can easily open a Belkin AirTag holder, insert or remove the AirTag, and securely lock the holder to ensure the safety and protection of your AirTag.

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Unable to Open Belkin AirTag Holder – 4 Top Reasons & Fixes

Encountering difficulties in reopening your Belkin AirTag holder can be frustrating. However, understanding the potential reasons behind the issue and exploring the available solutions can help you overcome this challenge. Below, we’ll explore several possible reasons for being unable to reopen a Belkin AirTag holder, provide brief introductions for each category, and then delve into detailed explanations and fixes for each issue.

Possible reasons for unable to reopen Belkin AirTag Holder:

1. Tight Locking Mechanism:

If you find that the Belkin AirTag holder is tightly locked and difficult to reopen, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Residual Pressure: After initial usage, the holder might develop a slight vacuum seal, making it harder to twist open.
  • Stiff Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism may have become stiff over time or due to infrequent use.

To address this issue, try the following fixes:

  • Apply Gentle Pressure: Hold the holder securely and apply gentle pressure while twisting it counterclockwise. This can help break the vacuum seal and ease the opening process.
  • Lubricate the Locking Mechanism: If the locking mechanism feels stiff, apply a small amount of lubricant, such as silicone spray or graphite powder, to the twisting area. This can help smoothen the operation and make it easier to unlock.

2. Misalignment or Obstruction:

In some cases, misalignment or obstructions within the Belkin AirTag holder can prevent it from opening smoothly. Possible reasons include:

  • Improper Alignment: The two sections of the holder might not be aligning properly, causing difficulty in separating them.
  • Foreign Object or Debris: There may be foreign objects, dirt, or debris lodged in the locking mechanism, hindering the opening process.

Here are a couple of fixes to consider:

  • Align and Apply Even Pressure: Ensure the two sections of the holder are properly aligned before attempting to separate them. Apply even pressure while twisting counterclockwise to encourage smooth separation.
  • Clean the Holder: If you suspect the presence of foreign objects or debris, carefully clean the locking mechanism using a soft cloth or a cotton swab. Remove any obstructions that may be obstructing the opening.

3. Incorrect Twist Direction:

Sometimes, being unable to reopen a Belkin AirTag holder is simply due to twisting it in the wrong direction. Let’s explore this issue and its potential solutions:

  • Counterintuitive Twist Direction: Belkin AirTag holders can have varying lock mechanisms, and it’s possible to inadvertently twist them in the wrong direction. Ensure you are twisting the holder counterclockwise to unlock and separate it. If you’ve been twisting it in the opposite direction, try twisting it counterclockwise instead.

4. Physical Damage or Deformation of the Holder:

Physical damage or deformation of the Belkin AirTag holder can impede its opening. Consider the following details and fixes:

  • Warped or Bent Holder: If the holder has been subjected to excessive force, it may become warped or bent, making it challenging to unlock. In such cases, inspect the holder for any visible signs of damage. If you notice any deformation, carefully attempt to straighten it using gentle pressure or contact Belkin customer support for assistance.
  • Broken Lock Mechanism: In rare cases, the lock mechanism itself may be damaged or broken, preventing the holder from opening. If this is the case, it is recommended to contact Belkin customer support for guidance on how to proceed or to explore possible warranty options.

Remember, always exercise caution and gentleness when attempting to reopen a Belkin AirTag holder to avoid any damage to the holder or the AirTag itself. By trying these fixes, you should be able to overcome any challenges and regain access to your Belkin AirTag holder with relative ease.

How Do I Change the Battery in My Belkin AirTag Holder?

To change the battery in your Belkin AirTag holder, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Gather the necessary supplies: Before starting the battery replacement process, ensure you have the following items: a replacement battery (typically a CR2032 coin cell battery), a small flat-head screwdriver, and a clean, soft cloth.
  2. Identify the battery compartment: Examine your Belkin AirTag holder to locate the battery compartment. It is usually located on the back or underside of the holder. Look for a small, circular compartment with a screw or a slot for opening.
  3. Prepare the holder: If your holder has a screw securing the battery compartment, use the small flat-head screwdriver to unscrew it in a counterclockwise direction. If there is no screw, proceed to the next step.
  4. Open the battery compartment: Once the screw is removed (if applicable), or if there is no screw, use your fingers or the flat-head screwdriver to gently pry open the battery compartment cover. Apply slight pressure and lift the cover to reveal the battery slot inside.
  5. Remove the old battery: Carefully take out the old battery from the slot, ensuring you note the orientation of the battery (positive and negative sides) for proper installation of the new battery. If necessary, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe any dust or debris from the battery compartment.
  6. Insert the new battery: Take the replacement CR2032 coin cell battery and align it correctly with the battery slot, matching the positive and negative markings. Ensure the battery fits securely into the slot without any forceful pushing. Make sure it is seated properly.
  7. Close the battery compartment: Gently close the battery compartment cover, aligning it with the holder. If there was a screw securing the compartment, screw it back in by turning it clockwise using the small flat-head screwdriver. Ensure the cover is closed securely to prevent any moisture or dirt from entering.
  8. Test the new battery: Confirm that the new battery is functioning properly by checking if the Belkin AirTag holder is operational. Place your AirTag inside the holder, ensure it is securely closed, and verify that it is connecting to your iOS device through the Find My app.

By following these steps, you can successfully change the battery in your Belkin AirTag holder. It’s important to use the correct battery type and handle the holder and battery with care to avoid any damage. Regularly monitor the battery life of your AirTag holder and replace the battery when necessary to ensure uninterrupted use and tracking functionality.


Opening a Belkin AirTag holder is a simple process that can be accomplished by following a few straightforward steps. By removing any attachments, twisting the holder counterclockwise to unlock, and separating the sections, you gain access to the compartment where the AirTag is housed.

Inserting or removing the AirTag can be done with ease, and then securing the holder by twisting it clockwise ensures that the AirTag remains in place. Remember to handle the holder gently and avoid using excessive force. With these guidelines, you can effortlessly open your Belkin AirTag holder, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and tracking capabilities it offers.

How To Open Belkin AirTag Holder? 6 Easy Ways - Our Tech Home (2024)
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