Kwik Trip Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

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If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve experienced pain each time you visit a gas pump for a fillup. As gas prices soar and break record numbers, customers have little to no relief. Well, not until the latter half of June, when gas prices went below the $5 per gallon mark. According to AAA, the national average of gas is $4.897 per gallon as of this writing.

With the ever-increasing fuel prices, motorists are left to their devices to save money at the pump. One favorite spot of fuel customers is convenience store gas stations. Not only can you fill up your vehicle, but you may also grab a quick bite and drink. Plus, convenience store gas stations have a rewards program to help you save at the pump.

For today’s post, we’ll check out Kwik Trip gas prices. If you’re in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, you’re likely familiar with Kwik Trip. How are Kwik Trip gas prices these days? Does this company offer good gas quality? What are the ways to save on Kwik Trip fuel? Let’s answer these questions and more below.

How Much Does Kwik Trip Gas Cost?

With over 900 locations in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, Kwik Trip isn’t exactly a small mom-and-pop gas station. About 229 Kwik Trip locations are in Texas, followed by 150 in Georgia and 132 in Missouri. In 2021, Kwik Trip was voted one of the best gas stations via USA Today’s poll.

For today’s breakdown, we look at Kwik Trip gas prices through We’ll check out several locations, provide their prices per gallon, and compare them with area competitors.

  • In Menomonee Falls, WI, Kwik Trip offers per-gallon pricing of $4.68 for regular and $5.45 for premium. This makes Kwik Trip one of the lowest gas prices in Menomonee Falls. Costco and Woodman’s offer the most affordable gas prices in the area at $4.58 per gallon. For the entire state of Wisconsin, Kwik Trip provides the most affordable gas price at $4.34 per gallon.
  • In Rochester, MN, Kwik Trip has a per-gallon price of $4.54 for regular and $5.24 for premium. Once again, the convenience store gas chain offers one of the lowest prices in Rochester. For the actual lowest price, it belongs to Costco at $4.54 per gallon. Kwik Trip also manages to be one of the cheapest gas prices in Minnesota at $4.31 per gallon.
  • For the Kwik Star (the company’s alternate name in Iowa and Illinois) in Davenport, Iowa, the station has per-gallon pricing of $4.57 for regular and $5.23 for premium. In Davenport, Kwik Star is in the top ten cheapest gas prices in the arena, but it barely made it into the list. However, for the entire state of Iowa, Kwik Star has the second-lowest gas price at $4.17 per gallon in its Ankeny branch.
  • In Bettendorf, IA, the Kwik Star prices tell almost the same story. This location offers per-gallon pricing of $4.59 for regular and $5.49 for premium, which is also the second most affordable price in Bettendorf. The BP in Bettendorf gets the top spot at $4.54 per gallon.

Based on the Kwik Trip gas prices, we understand why it’s such a popular gas station among consumers. Their low prices, coupled with solid choices of food items and drinks, make Kwik Trip locations an attractive place to top up on gas.


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Does Kwik Trip Offer Good Gas Quality?

Kwik Trip is a company that seems to be really proud of its fuel products. Unlike many gas stations, Kwik Trip offers gasoline products from Unleaded 87 to No Ethanol to Premium 93. However, most of you are probably asking: does it provide good gas quality?

For the most part, all commercially sold petrol products are pretty much the same. Gasoline companies have to adhere to stringent regulations so they can sell. However, whether a brand is a Top Tier licensee or not does make a difference. In case you don’t know, Top Tier is a specially formulated fuel product with special detergents that provide benefits like less carbon build-up and better fuel efficiency.

In this case, Kwik Trip is not a Top Tier gas product. The company claims its fuel is comparable to Top Tier brands, but it’s tough to tell. Overall, we’ve not seen many complaints about Kwik Trip’s gas quality during our research, so feel free to pump away.

What are the Ways to Save on Kwik Trip Gas Prices?

Like all good convenience store gas stations, Kwik Trip offers several ways to help you save on gas – which certainly comes in handy these days. The primary way to earn gas discounts is through the Kwik Rewards program.

Basically, you can earn fuel rewards from Kwik Trip by buying certain in-store items. These qualifying in-store items are labeled in gray, which displays the number of prizes you’ll earn after purchasing the merchandise. It’s worth noting that these qualifying items rotate every month. For example, buying a qualifying gift card at any Kwik Trip location can get you 20¢ off per gallon for up to 30 gallons.


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Remember that you can only redeem the fuel rewards with a 30-gallon limit in one fuel purchase. Therefore, you can’t redeem for 10 gallons in one pump, then go to another to buy another 20 gallons.

There’s also the Kwik Rewards Credit & Debit, which automatically gets you a 3¢ off on fuel purchases. In addition, you also receive a 5% discount when purchasing most in-store items.

There are numerous ways to enroll in the Kwik Rewards program. First, you can register online via Kwik Trip’s website, but you’ll have to pick up your membership card from the store. This is because you’ll need the 16-digit code found on the card to complete the registration. Second, you may also create an account by downloading the Kwik Trip app, but it does require the 16-digit code from a physical card to complete the registration.


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Kwik Trip Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know (2024)
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