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One of the best ways to add some natural beauty to your home this Spring is by hanging a pretty wreath on the front door. Adding Spring wreaths to your front door is the best way to welcome your guests, make a good impression, and give your porch a seasonal refresh!

I always look forward to switching out the wreaths every few months to signal the changing of the seasons. But I especially love Spring wreaths because you can add an abundance of beautiful florals!

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The perfect Spring wreath can have any combination of florals and foliage like eucalyptus, lavender, or olive leaves! Today I’m sharing a round-up of Spring wreaths for your front door that are perfect for welcoming the season.

10 Spring Wreaths For Front Door Ideas

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1. Faux Herbiflora Wreath

First up I’m sharing one of my favorite wreaths that is currently hanging from my own front door! The Faux Herbiflora Wreath from McGee and Co is absolutely stunning and features the perfect mix of tones and textures.

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It features faux myrtle branches, artemisia, moss, lavender statice, and golden fern. It’s an absolutely beautiful combination that will add warmth and elegance to your home!

This wreath is a bit of a splurge, but with a faux wreath you can always use year and year. And don’t worry, I have some more budget friendly options below!

2. Faux Wild Grass & Eucalyptus Wreath

Next, we have the Faux Wild Grass & Eucalyptus Wreath from McGee and Co! This gorgeous wreath is made from an abundance of lovely Spring greenery that provides a fresh and vibrant vibe.

It features faux magnolia leaves, long eucalyptus, and wild grass and flowers all intertwined with twisted twigs. I love the playful and whimsical energy that this wreath creates and it’s absolutely perfect for a Spring door.

3. Preserved Boxwood Wreath

If you’re looking to add a burst of crisp greenery to your door this Spring then this Preserved Boxwood Wreath is the perfect option! I love that this wreath can be used year-round and how lightweight the design is.

It’s made from high-quality natural materials so each wreath may vary slightly in color and texture, which definitely adds to its realistic nature! I love the look of the boxwood leaves and the vibrant colors add such a beautiful touch to the door.

4. Faux Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath

Eucalyptus leaves are always a welcome addition to any wreath, so this Faux Seeded Eucalyptus wreath from Target is definitely a must-have! This 24″ wreath is super realistic and makes a beautiful statement on any front door!

The woven strands of faux-eucalyptus and seeded accents have naturalistic green coloring and detailing that really brings this wreath to life. Plus, with such a simple and clean design, this wreath will pair perfectly with any color door and siding!

5. Preserved Wreath with Caspia and Lavender

If greenery isn’t to your taste then not to worry, this preserved Caspia and Lavender Wreath will be the perfect option for you. This wreath offers a softer and more neutral look while still offering a touch of Spring freshness.

It features preserved caspia and lavender branches which combine beautifully and create a lovely lightweight design. I love the simple look of this wreath and the soft textured construction that makes it stand out against the front door!

6. Shola Wreath White

Next, we have a gorgeous option for all those neutral lovers out there! This Shola White Wreath from Target is absolutely stunning and definitely catches the eye.

It’s made entirely from dried white flowers with layered blooms throughout which creates an eye-catching texture. The natural color will blend seamlessly with any type of door or house color which means this wreath could be used year-round!

7. Mixed Greenery and Asymmetrical Thistle Wreath

Decorating with faux greenery is one of my favorite ways to create a fresh atmosphere in my home. So this Mixed Greenery and Asymmetrical Thistle Wreath is a definite must-have for me this Spring!

I love the pretty combination of green artificial leaves, fern branches, and purple flower budsin this stunning asymmetrical wreath. The beautiful foliage looks incredibly realistic and will certainly offer a warm welcome to any home.

8. Wildflower White Wreath

For a whimsical touch to your front door, I would recommend this White Wildflower Wreath design from Target! It features artificial wildflowers and green leaves to bring natural charm to your front door.

This beautiful Spring Wreath is gorgeous and I love the realistic look of the wildflowers. But best of all, it makes a perfect dupe for the wreath I used on my front door!

9. Faux Lavender and Twig Wreath

Next on our list is this lovely Faux Lavender and Twig Wreath from World Market! It features sprigs of lifelike faux lavender that are hand woven around an artificial twig ring.

I love the combination of the subtle greens and soft purples that this wreath provides. All in all, this elegant wreath is the perfect accent for a Spring door!

10. Artificial Olive Leaves Wreath Green

Last on our list of Spring Wreaths for your front door is this Artificial Olive leaves wreath from Target. Faux olive trees are always a fave, and a gorgeous olive leaf wreath is such a pretty statement as well!

I love that this wreath features an abundance of artificial lush green olive leaves that create a light and airy feel to this wreath. Plus, the leaves appear to be incredibly realistic which adds a lovely texture and burst of color to the wreath.

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I hope this helps you choose a pretty wreath for your front door this season, and be sure to check out this reel where I share all my other front porch decor!

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Spring Wreaths For Front Door Ideas | Life On Cedar Lane (2024)
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