The Newspaper (2024)

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is published seven days a week, including all holidays. You may select from a number of different home delivery options.

  • Seven-day home delivery with full digital access
  • Monday -Saturday home delivery with digital
  • Four-day home delivery (Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Monday) with digital
  • Sunday-only home delivery with digital
  • Seven-day home delivery, no digital
  • Monday-Saturday home delivery, no digital
  • Four-day home delivery, no digital
  • Sunday-only home delivery, no digital
  • Digital only

To choose a subscription offer or to change your current subscription,visit If you live outside the immediate Richmond metro area, your newspaper can be delivered by mail. Call 1-800-468-3382 or (804) 644-4181 to arrange for this kind of delivery.

Each day’s paper includes significant local, state, national and world news in the A section along with Editorial and Op/Ed; the B section is RTD Metro news, Weather and Obituaries; C is RTD Sports; and D is RTD Business and the RTD Marketplace. In addition, there are several sections that appear regularly each week:

• Mondays – Metro Business, Health

See Also

• Tuesdays – Life

• Wednesdays – Food

• Thursdays – Culture

• Fridays – Richmond Drives, Friday Fun (puzzles, movie reviews)

• Saturdays –Richmond Drives Extra, Insight (indepth stories from around the world), RTD Homes, RTD Channels, our weekly TV guide, is delivered to subscribers who request it for an additional charge of $1.00 per week.

• Sunday – Sunday Flair, Commentary, USA Life (entertainment)

In addition to home delivery, The Times-Dispatch can be purchased from newstands around the region. The price is $1.50 Monday through Saturday and $2 on Sunday. Newstand prices outside the Richmond metro area may vary.

Home delivery (including digital access) costs much less than purchasing single copies on a regular basis.

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The Newspaper (2024)
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