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The Zillow logo promises customers a beautiful new home or apartment. Ensures that the company deals with real estate professionals and accurately helps to choose a property that meets the buyer’s wishes. The emblem is an indicator of reliability and confidence.

Zillow: Brand overview

Founded:February8, 2006
Founder:Rich Barton, Lloyd Frink
Washington, U.S.

Zillow (or Zillow Group, Inc.) is an American real estate company. It was founded in February 2006 by a group of businessmen led by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, who were previously part of Microsoft’s executive team. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. Also, it has an Internet site of the same name with data on sold, exchanged, rented residential and non-residential buildings. The firm also offers online databases of homes from all states.

Meaning and History

This service is very important for Americans because they can use their services to find suitable housing in any city in the country quickly. It contains useful information about more than one hundred million homes. And the original emblem adds recognition to it, which has changed three times over the long years of its existence. These are four variants of the same brand name.

What is Zillow?

Its full name is Zillow Group, Inc. It is a US company that sells real estate through its online platform. She has been working since 2006.

2004 – 2006

First, there was a pre-launch logo. It includes only the name of the organization. The word “Zillow” is executed in thin black lines of an elongated shape. The arrangement of letters is free, with an optimal inter-character distance. Black on a white background makes the text well readable. On the right, separated by commas, is the second part of the company name – “LLC.” It denotes its legal status and is written in abbreviated form (abbreviation) in gray characters.

2006 – 2008

In the early years, both the web resource and the logo were tested; therefore, they were test ones. This circ*mstance is indicated by the “Beta” designation located in the upper right corner. The logo’s main space is dedicated to the service’s name with a domain address – “Zillow.com.” There is a graphic icon in front of it. It has the shape of a wide, three-colored arrow pointing upwards. Moreover, the figure consists of irregular geometric elements, between which the white letter “Z” is visible. At the bottom, the company’s motto is written in very small print: “Your Edge in Real Estate.”

2008 – 2019

The next version almost exactly repeats its predecessor. The difference lies in the increased size of all components and the absence of the Internet domain “.com.” The designers have also removed the indication that this is a beta version.

2019 – today

The modern logo has changed color, font, and composition of the arrow with a “Z” in the middle. The letter crosses the graphic exactly like the “Zorro” character. Moreover, the developers redesigned the wide arrow into a house to further associate the icon with the site’s theme, and the inscription at the bottom was removed.

Zillow: Interesting Facts

Zillow, started in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, changed how we deal with real estate using tech and data. It’s a key site for finding, buying, selling, or renting homes.

  1. Zestimate: Zillow’s big hit is the “Zestimate,” a quick home value estimate. It’s been a feature since Zillow started, helping people understand what any home might be worth.
  2. Huge Database: Zillow knows about over 110 million U.S. homes, covering ones for sale, rent, or even those not on the market, with details on value, features, and history.
  3. Tech Forward: Zillow uses cool tech to make real estate easier, like virtual tours, which became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and data analytics to understand market trends.
  4. Growing Bigger: Zillow has grown by buying other companies, such as Trulia in 2015 and Mortgage Lenders of America in 2018, and adding mortgage services to its offerings.
  5. Zillow Offers: Through Zillow Offers, the company buys homes directly, fixes them, and sells them, aiming to simplify home selling.
  6. Zillow Home Loans: Zillow also helps users find mortgages, simplifying home financing.
  7. Mobile Apps: Knowing we’re glued to our phones, Zillow’s apps let users access all its services on the go, making it a favorite app for real estate needs.
  8. Zillow Group: Zillow isn’t alone; it’s part of Zillow Group, which includes other real estate and home-related brands like Trulia, StreetEasy, and HotPads.
  9. Remote Work Leader: Zillow was ahead in adopting flexible work, letting employees work from home or the office even before the pandemic.
  10. Research: Zillow’s economic research team digs into housing trends and affordability, offering insights valuable to policymakers, journalists, and scholars.

Zillow has greatly impacted real estate, making everything more open and easier for everyone. Its use of tech and data has transformed how we buy, sell, and rent homes, streamlining the process.

Font and Colors

Zillow’s logo has evolved along with the company and its website. After each redesign, he received new features that did not change its essence but further emphasized its focus. Therefore, it turned out that the emblem is a vivid demonstration of the transformation of the simple into… the simple. In the early years, the branding was minimalistic, but then it was overgrown with details, but in the end, it again dropped everything unnecessary. As a result, the name and graphic element in the form of an upward-pointing arrow or a house remained.

Although the typeface varies, all emblems use a variation of the same font family, Sans Serif. The grotesque lettering looks harmonious because the wide sans serif letters look stable. Previously, the palette consisted of two colors – pastel blue (# 5477bb) and green (# 87bc43). Now it includes only bright blue.


What is Zillow USA?

Zillow USA is a top online real estate marketplace. The brand provides a range of products and services for renters, buyers, sellers, and shoppers, making the real estate process smooth and easy.

Founded to help people find the right home, the company offers detailed listings, real estate data, and home value tools. Users can search for homes, see photos, and learn about neighborhoods.

The brand’s services include mortgage calculators, access to real estate agents, and market trends analysis. This approach gives users all the resources they need, from the initial search to the final transaction. Known for making the home buying and selling process simple and informed, it is a trusted name in real estate.

What font is the Zillow logo?

The logo uses a sans-serif typeface known for its clean and modern look. This font is chosen for its readability and simplicity, matching the brand’s goal of providing clear and easy-to-use real estate services.

The logo’s text has changed over the years but always keeps a sleek sans-serif style. The inscription is mostly in lowercase letters, with the first letter “Z” capitalized. This mix gives the logo a balanced and friendly feel.

The sans serif font shows the brand’s modern approach to real estate. Its clean lines make the logo easy to recognize and remember, supporting the brand’s mission to make the real estate process simple and clear for users.

Why did Zillow change their logo?

The company changed its logo as part of a major rebranding effort, which included launching a mortgage lending service and redesigning the website. The brand wanted the new logo to reflect its growth and expanded services.

The new logo represents the convenience and ease of finding properties. The brand aimed for a fresh look to better show its mission of simplifying the real estate process. The updated logo helps create a more modern and user-friendly image.

The new logo and website improvements simplify navigating the site and finding properties. This rebranding reinforces the brand’s position as a leader in the real estate market.

What company did Zillow just buy?

At the end of September 2021, Zillow bought the Chicago-based company ShowTime for $500 million. ShowTime specializes in real estate and develops home displays and property showings software. This acquisition is part of the brand’s strategy to improve its services and provide a more complete real estate experience.

ShowTime’s software helps buyers, sellers, and real estate agents schedule home showings. By adding ShowTime’s technology, the brand aims to make property viewings more efficient and user-friendly. Adding ShowTime’s capabilities strengthens the brand’s market position and improves how people buy and sell homes.

How do you get the best Zillow badge?

To earn the Best of Zillow badge, agency employees must score 90 points or more on a home sale. This badge identifies them as top performers on the site. Realtors earn this by serving their clients efficiently and providing excellent service.

The scoring comes from customer feedback. Clients rate their experience with the realtor after a transaction. High scores result from timely communication, professionalism, and meeting clients’ needs.

Realtors should understand clients’ preferences, provide accurate information, and be responsive. Realtors can earn the points needed for the Best of Zillow badge by consistently delivering high-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Zillow Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand (2024)
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