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Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Times-Dispatch (1)
Basic facts
Location:Richmond, Va.
Type:News Media
Top official:Kelly Till, President and Publisher[1]
Founder(s):James A. Cowardin[2]
Year founded:1850[2]
Website:Official website


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The Richmond Times-Dispatch is a daily newspaper covering news and events in Richmond, Virginia.[3] It is owned by Lee Enterprises, Inc.[4]


As October 2022, the paper had approximately 37,000 print subscribers and 22,000 paid digital ones.[5]


Richmond Times-Dispatch (2)

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Front page of Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Richmond Times-Dispatch was first published in 1850 as the Daily Dispatch by James A. Cowardin, "boasting 4-pages for just a penny."[6] In 1886, Lewis Ginter founded a rival paper, The Daily Times, which he gave to his friend and attorney, Joseph Bryan, in 1887. In 1890, Bryan changed the newspaper’s name to the Richmond Times. By 1896, Bryan acquired The Manchester Leader and launched the Evening Leader. In 1903, Bryan came to an agreement with rival paper owner John Williams who owned both the Richmond Dispatch and the Richmond News. Bryan and Williams consolidated two of their papers, the Richmond Times and the Richmond Dispatch, into the Richmond Times-Dispatch under Bryan’s ownership. After Bryan's death, his son, John Stewart Bryan, succeeded him as publisher of the Times-Dispatch.[2]

In 1940, the Times-Dispatch and a competitor, The News Leader, formed Richmond Newspapers Inc. The Bryan family held majority share in the company. After John Stewart Bryan's death in 1944, his son, D. Tennant Bryan, was named president and publisher of both the Times-Dispatch and the News Leader. By 1969, Media General merged with Richmond Newspapers, Inc., incorporating the newspaper company as its wholly owned subsidiary. In 1978, J. Stewart Bryan III succeeded his father as publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the News Leader. During 1992, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the News Leader merged into a single morning publication under the Times-Dispatch name. In 2012, the Times-Dispatch,,, Richmond Suburban News and other affiliated publications and websites were sold by Media General to World Media Enterprises, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.[2] Berkshire Hathaway published the paper under the umbrella of BH Media Group - Virginia.[7] Lee Enterprises, Inc. acquired BH Media Group in 2020.[8]

Editorial positions

The following list is a sampling of the paper's editorial positions available on Ballotpedia:

Presidential endorsem*nts

2016 presidential endorsem*nt

✓ The Richmond Times-Dispatch endorsed Gary Johnson for the 2016 presidential general election. The Richmond Times-Dispatch endorsed Marco Rubio for the Republican presidential primary.[9][10]

See also: Endorsem*nts for Gary Johnson
2016 Presidential Endorsem*nts by Influencer Organizations
Richmond Times-Dispatch (3) Detroit Free PressRichmond Times-Dispatch (4) John Kasich (primary)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (5) Hillary Clinton (general)
November 2016Detroit Free Press
Richmond Times-Dispatch (6) The EconomistRichmond Times-Dispatch (7) Hillary ClintonNovember 2016The Economist
Richmond Times-Dispatch (8) Financial TimesRichmond Times-Dispatch (9) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016Financial Times
Richmond Times-Dispatch (10) The StateRichmond Times-Dispatch (11) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016The State
Richmond Times-Dispatch (12) The New YorkerRichmond Times-Dispatch (13) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016Politico
Richmond Times-Dispatch (14) Las Vegas Review-JournalRichmond Times-Dispatch (15) Donald TrumpOctober 2016Las Vegas Review-Journal
Richmond Times-Dispatch (16) Wisconsin State JournalRichmond Times-Dispatch (17) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016Wisconsin State Journal
Richmond Times-Dispatch (18) The Des Moines RegisterRichmond Times-Dispatch (19) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016The Des Moines Register
Richmond Times-Dispatch (20) The Washington PostRichmond Times-Dispatch (21) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016The Washington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (22) The Salt Lake TribuneRichmond Times-Dispatch (23) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016The Salt Lake Tribune
Richmond Times-Dispatch (24) The Columbus DispatchRichmond Times-Dispatch (25) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016The Columbus Dispatch
Richmond Times-Dispatch (26) The Charlotte ObserverRichmond Times-Dispatch (27) Hillary ClintonOctober 2016The Charlotte Observer
Richmond Times-Dispatch (28) San Antonio Express-NewsRichmond Times-Dispatch (29) Marco Rubio (primary)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (30) Hillary Clinton (general)
October 2016San Antonio Express-News
Richmond Times-Dispatch (31) South Florida Sun SentinelRichmond Times-Dispatch (32) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016Sun Sentinel
Richmond Times-Dispatch (33) Chicago Sun-TimesRichmond Times-Dispatch (34) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016Chicago Sun-Times
Richmond Times-Dispatch (35) The San Diego Union-TribuneRichmond Times-Dispatch (36) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016The San Diego Union-Tribune
Richmond Times-Dispatch (37) The Baltimore SunRichmond Times-Dispatch (38) Hillary Clinton (primary)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (39) Hillary Clinton (general)
September 2016The Baltimore Sun
Richmond Times-Dispatch (40) Chicago TribuneRichmond Times-Dispatch (41) Marco Rubio (primary)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (42) Gary Johnson (general)
September 2016Chicago Tribune
Richmond Times-Dispatch (43) The Detroit NewsRichmond Times-Dispatch (44) Gary JohnsonSeptember 2016The Detroit News
Richmond Times-Dispatch (45) The Arizona RepublicRichmond Times-Dispatch (46) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016The Arizona Republic
Richmond Times-Dispatch (47) The New York TimesRichmond Times-Dispatch (48) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016The Huffington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (49) Akron Beacon JournalRichmond Times-Dispatch (50) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016Akron Beacon Journal
Richmond Times-Dispatch (51) El Paso TimesRichmond Times-Dispatch (52) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016El Paso Times
Richmond Times-Dispatch (53) The Cincinnati EnquirerRichmond Times-Dispatch (54) Hillary ClintonSeptember
Richmond Times-Dispatch (55) New Hampshire Union LeaderRichmond Times-Dispatch (56) Chris Christie (primary)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (57) Gary Johnson (general)
September 2016The New York Times
Richmond Times-Dispatch (58) The Dallas Morning NewsRichmond Times-Dispatch (59) Hillary ClintonSeptember 2016The Dallas Morning News
Richmond Times-Dispatch (60) Richmond Times-DispatchRichmond Times-Dispatch (61) Gary JohnsonSeptember 2016Politico
Richmond Times-Dispatch (62) International Brotherhood of TeamstersRichmond Times-Dispatch (63) Hillary ClintonAugust 2016The Hill
Richmond Times-Dispatch (64) San Francisco ChronicleRichmond Times-Dispatch (65) Hillary ClintonAugust 2016San Francisco Chronicle
Richmond Times-Dispatch (66) Working Families PartyRichmond Times-Dispatch (67) Bernie Sanders (primary)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (68) Hillary Clinton (general)
August 2016The Washington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (69) Houston ChronicleRichmond Times-Dispatch (70) Hillary ClintonJuly 2016Houston Chronicle
Richmond Times-Dispatch (71) UNITE HERERichmond Times-Dispatch (72) Hillary ClintonJuly
Richmond Times-Dispatch (73) Communications Workers of AmericaRichmond Times-Dispatch (74) Hillary ClintonJuly 2016The Hill
Richmond Times-Dispatch (75) Sierra ClubRichmond Times-Dispatch (76) Hillary ClintonJune 2016Sierra Club
Richmond Times-Dispatch (77) Everytown for Gun SafetyRichmond Times-Dispatch (78) Hillary ClintonJune 2016Politico
Richmond Times-Dispatch (79) Natural Resources Defense CouncilRichmond Times-Dispatch (80) Hillary ClintonMay 2016The Washington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (81) National Rifle AssociationRichmond Times-Dispatch (82) Donald TrumpMay 2016Politico
Richmond Times-Dispatch (83) Los Angeles TimesRichmond Times-Dispatch (84) Hillary ClintonMay 2016The Los Angeles Times
Richmond Times-Dispatch (85) California Nurses AssociationRichmond Times-Dispatch (86) Bernie SandersMay 2016Los Angeles Times
Richmond Times-Dispatch (87) New York PostRichmond Times-Dispatch (88) Donald TrumpApril 2016New York Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (89) New York Daily NewsRichmond Times-Dispatch (90) Hillary ClintonApril 2016New York Daily News
Richmond Times-Dispatch (91) National ReviewRichmond Times-Dispatch (92) Ted CruzMarch 2016National Review
Richmond Times-Dispatch (93) Republican Party of OhioRichmond Times-Dispatch (94) John KasichMarch 2016Bloomberg
Richmond Times-Dispatch (95) Congressional Black CaucusRichmond Times-Dispatch (96) Hillary ClintonFebruary 2016NBC News
Richmond Times-Dispatch (97) Miami HeraldRichmond Times-Dispatch (98) Marco RubioMarch 2016Miami Herald
Richmond Times-Dispatch (99) Congressional Hispanic CaucusRichmond Times-Dispatch (100) Hillary ClintonFebruary 2016The Huffington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (101) Star TribuneRichmond Times-Dispatch (102) Hillary Clinton (primary)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (103) Hillary Clinton (general)
February 2016Star Tribune
Richmond Times-Dispatch (104) Richmond Times-DispatchRichmond Times-Dispatch (105) Marco RubioFebruary 2016Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Times-Dispatch (106) San Antonio Express-NewsRichmond Times-Dispatch (107) Marco RubioFebruary 2016The Hill
Richmond Times-Dispatch (108) DeVos FamilyRichmond Times-Dispatch (109) Marco RubioFebruary 2016The Detroit News
Richmond Times-Dispatch (110) Human Rights CampaignRichmond Times-Dispatch (111) Hillary ClintonJanuary 2016The Huffington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (112) Republican Liberty CaucusRichmond Times-Dispatch (113) Rand PaulJanuary 2016The Washington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (114) National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)Richmond Times-Dispatch (115) Hillary ClintonJanuary 2016The Huffington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (116) Democracy for AmericaRichmond Times-Dispatch (117) Bernie SandersDecember 2015Politico
Richmond Times-Dispatch (118) National Organization for MarriageRichmond Times-Dispatch (119) Ted CruzDecember 2015Washington Blade
Richmond Times-Dispatch (120) League of Conservation Voters Action FundRichmond Times-Dispatch (121) Hillary ClintonNovember 2015The Huffington Post
Richmond Times-Dispatch (122) American Federation of State, County and Municipal EmployeesRichmond Times-Dispatch (123) Hillary ClintonOctober 2015The Huffington Post

The editorial board of the Richmond Times-Dispatch endorsed Republican nominees in every presidential election from 2000 to 2012.[11][12][13]

The paper ended its practice of making political endorsem*nts in 2018.[14]


Noteworthy events

In 2010, the Times-Dispatch launched "PolitiFact Virginia" in partnership with, a Pulitzer Prize-winning website affiliated with the Tampa Bay Times. Reporters and researchers from the Times-Dispatch researched statements by Virginia elected officials, candidates "and anyone else who speaks up on matters of public importance" and then rate the verity of those statements.[2]


In 1948, Virginius Dabney of the Richmond Times-Dispatch won the Pulitzer Prize "for distinguished editorial writing during the year."[17] In 2003, columnist Mark Holmberg was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in commentary "for his thought-provoking, strongly reported columns on a broad range of topics."[18] The Times-Dispatch won nine first place awards in the annual Virginia Press Association competition in 2015.[19]

In 2021, columnist Michael Paul Williams won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for his writing on the movement to dismantle Confederate monuments in Richmond.[20]


Richmond Times-Dispatch
300 E. Franklin St.
Richmond, Va. 23293
Phone: (804) 649-6000

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